Spam Filter Upgraded

By , 25 March 2015

Dear Valued Customers,

Recently we deployed a new spam filter on our network which adds literally hundreds of new tests on your incoming mail. With well over half of all email on the Internet being spam, we're sure you'll notice the difference in your inbox.

Spam is a problem for you because it create a lot of distraction making hard to find important messages in your inbox. It's a problem for us because it clogs up our network and can spread malicious software mostly designed to send more spam.

That's why we're adamant about stopping it.

Below are some of the statistics on just a handful of the tests that our spam filter runs on your mail. If you have any problems with our filter blocking legitimate email, please let us know the email address being blocked so we can investigate.

Best wishes,


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Scheduled Maintenance Sunday March 15

By , 14 March 2015

Dear valued customers,

We are upgrading our servers this weekend and you will be unable to log in to your account on Sunday, March 15 from 1:00am to 9:00am. Your website will still be online during this time, you just won't be able to edit it.

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

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[New Feature] Attach Multiple Products To One Page

By , 17 July 2014

Today we released an update which allows you to attach multiple products to your product pages. This is useful if you have a number of related products but you don't want to create a separate page for each product. Some examples could be:

  • products of different sizes
  • boxes of different amounts
  • any other variation of your products

When you have multiple products attached to a page, you will see separate "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" buttons for each product:

Please note here is NO LONGER a price box on the page editor. Instead you need to use the "edit" links on the attached products. You'll see these when you're logged in:

The step by step process to add a new product is:

  1. Create the product page. Make sure you set the type to 'Product Page'.
  2. Click the 'Attach New Product' link.
  3. Complete the product form.
  4. Press Save

If you have any questions about this new feature, please feel free to contact us.

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July Special: Mobile Website Design

By , 11 June 2014

With mobile visitors now accounting for over half of your traffic it is pretty important that they can actually read your website. Unfortunately, most phones show your website in teeny-tiny font unless you build a separate design especially for mobile visitors.

This is how the web version of looks on my phone:


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Unscheduled Network Outage [Resolved]

By , 27 May 2014

Today there was an unscheduled network outage at our data center which caused interruptions to some of our services. The problem was caused by a faulty network component which started dropping connections to our server. It has been resolved and all services are now running normally.

This is the first problem we've had with our network provider in over 5 years, and they worked rapidly to identify and replace the faulty hardware. 

In cases of service outage you can still get updates from us by following our Facebook page or checking our twitter feed @GetSunburnt.

We have also procured a new server on a different network. This machine has twice the processing power, four times the memory and more network bandwidth than our main server. We will be moving our services to the new server in the coming weeks.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

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Your Twitter Feed On Your Website

By , 5 May 2014

Recently Twitter made some changes to their platform which made it more difficult for people to share their twitter feeds on their website (we presume this was done in the name of privacy and security). The side-effect is that if you were using our Twitter feed widget on your website you might notice that your tweets are no longer displayed.

Fortunately, we can create a new Twitter widget for your website if you like. Here is an example from Dr Moore's new website - a recent addition to the Sunburnt family.

Or our own feed, which has a different style to Dr Moore's:

If you'd like to add or upgrade the Twitter feed on your website just let us know by replying to this email. As the widget now has to be installed and configured manually there is a small AU$15 charge. We can also help you out with Facebook widgets and integrating your other social networks.

Just let us know.

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Faster Checkout Means More Sales

By , 25 April 2014

It is well established that the easier you make it for your customers to order online the more sales you'll make. That's why we've streamlined the checkout process of our Online Store software. The checkout page is now a single form which can be completed easily and rapidly. That means fewer lost customers and more sales.

Below is a screenshot of the new checkout page. If you have any problems with the update, please let us know.

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